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Kenzy Gifts and Decor is a retail shop in Lake Forest , Illinois as well as a second location in Vernon Hills,Illinois . We offer exceptional gifts, dinnerware, and decorative home accents. A wonderful shop for Bridal and Gift Registries.

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Feb. 13


Feb. 12
Featured purchase: Thank you, Sandra
Feb. 11


Feb. 6
Featured purchase: Thank you, Nicole
Feb. 1
Royal Limoges

Happy Friday and let's plan to cook some sweet pears this weekend.

Tags: Royal limoges, oasis, white, gold, plate, dinner, dessert, Recamier - Oasis White, $bia-b265-rec20649, $bia-b220-rec20649

02/02/19 10:25 AM
Jason Solarek picture
Jason at Bridge

02/02/19 10:26 AM
Jason Solarek picture
Jason at Bridge
Ps - Can’t wait till pears are back in season! This is making me hungry for summer

Jan. 23
Featured purchase: Thank you, Tracey
Jan. 21
Featured purchase: Thank you, Margaret
Jan. 19
Featured purchase: Thank you, Tracey
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