Wilton Armetale Stafford in Lake Forest, Illinois
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Sale $99.99 Large Oval Tray
Large Oval Tray
$150.00 $99.99
Sale $59.99 Rectangular Tray
Rectangular Tray
$90.00 $59.99
Sale $79.99 Handle Tray
Handle Tray
$120.00 $79.99

Sale $69.99 Chip & Dip
Chip & Dip
$105.00 $69.99
Sale $69.99 Medium Bowl
Medium Bowl
$105.00 $69.99

Sale $59.99 Small Handle Bowl
Small Handle Bowl
$90.00 $59.99
Sale $64.99 Crab Chip & Dip
Crab Chip & Dip
$98.00 $64.99

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Chip & Dip
Chip & Dip

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Founded in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1892, Wilton Armetale is a long established supplier of fine serveware and
grillware to department stores and specialty stores in the U.S. and
internationally. Armetale metal is a food-safe alloy ...Read More »

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